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That extra push

Recruitment long ago stopped being part of HR and evolved into its own realm. Now it consists of analytical decisions, automation, and part of art. Having all of these tools at hand in RTT I’m available to give full support to hiring teams while looking for new IT specialists.

How my process looks like:

  • Market analysis against position requirements
  • Sourcing and longlisting
  • Candidates' screening and interviewing
  • Offer management
  • Warranty period


Elevating your skills

Everything in one place, with real-life cases, from the ground up and with follow-ups. That’s what a proper training process looks like. If you or your team needs to expand your toolkit, this is the right place to be. After evaluating your skills, I prepare tailored training scenarios for the team or individual sessions.

Whether it is making the first Boolean strings, doing market analysis, preparing a sales pitch, learning about IT, or how to manage a team – You can be sure, that I’ve done mistakes in all of these areas. Now I’m confident that I can tell You, how not to repeat them.

Process Audit

Analyzing bottlenecks

Not always we can with confidence say that only the market is to blame for the lack of candidates. On the other hand, it can be really hard to say exactly what’s causing a bottleneck in the recruitment process without proper analytics and tools. If you would add a huge load to this mix, maybe the situation will become familiar?

Having built several recruitment and sourcing teams, and brand-new recruitment processes from scratch I can offer my expertise to you because I know where to look, and what to ask. Even small improvements in the process can vastly increase your hiring ratio.

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